Lessons Overview

Our Classes

What to Expect…

Right at at our very first lesson, students can expect to learn how to:

  • Practice
  • Be independent
  • Play at least 4 songs
  • And most importantly…be proud of themselves and have FUN!!!

The Beginner 

Students are eager to learn new pieces and can finish least 1-2 pieces a week.  Recitals are definitely an option for them, but for the more hesitant student, we frequently have mini performances during lessons on camera that I send to parents so they can see how their child is doing.  Parents love having a keepsake of all of their child’s pieces at hand to share with their family and friends.  

The Star Wars Theme

Retired Adults

Students who walk through the doors of my studio can expect to learn piano at ease, at an enjoyable pace, and with minimal stress.  I take time to get to know my students and learn about what brought them to this point in their lives Sometimes, it’s a bucket list item, another hobby to keep their brain active, and/or something that they’ve always wanted to learn and amaze an audience of family, friends, and neighbors.  In all cases, I design a curriculum that best fits their needs, method book or not, and give them repertoire that they’ve always wanted to learn.  

Kevin, after 1 year of lessons.

Advancing Student

After one year of lessons, students may be ready for something more.  As an active member of the Music Teacher’s Association of California (MTAC), Torrance Branch, I give students the opportunity to participate in exclusive events such as Festivals, Competitions, Music Exams (Certificate of Merit Exam), etc. 

Ready to begin?

I offer a free introductory session to anyone who is interested in taking private lessons. Contact me today if you’d like to schedule one!